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Established in 1998, Realty Enhancements International, Inc. (REI) is the preeminent source of credentialed, professional real estate staging specialists in the world. Our growing membership is global in nature. Our training is comprehensive. Becoming accredited in real estate staging broadens your marketability and sends a message to real estate professionals and property owners that you are highly skilled at your craft.

The members of REI are receiving growing attention from the media for their consistent proficient work. Our professionals have had television appearances on HGTV, CBS, ABC and NBC. Our members have been published in many magazines and newspapers including The New York Times, USA Today, The Chicago Tribune and The Wall Street Journal.

In 2008, Realty Enhancements expanded the company to include a network of credentialed professionals skilled at preparing and maintaining real estate properties, such as Real Estate Agents, Designers, Redesigners, Carpenters, landscapers, etc.  We refer to them as “Our Associates.” 

What is home staging? An enhanced staged home creates positive first impressions at the curb and in each room, reduces the home's listing time on the market, and increases value. A staged listing allows prospective buyers to see the home's potential and picture themselves living there.
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